Welcome to PoohLA Furniture! We are a furniture company that is dedicated to giving you the best furniture at amazing prices along with customer service to leave a smile on your face.

Our focus

We offer innovative, cutting edge designs to offer a modern to futuristic look and feel. Great looking furniture should also be serviceable, comfortable, ergonomic and interesting. We dedicate ourselves to offering aesthetically pleasing furniture to compliment your interior design as well as suit the function of the items. We pride ourselves on experienced and dedicated service before, during and after completion of your purchase.


We offer expert advice on the perfect furniture to suit your decor choices as well as suitability for the function of the specific furniture items. Unique, modern designs are our mainstay. We aim to provide exclusive products that compliment your tastes and lifestyle choices. If you are looking to save money and want to discover the perfect furniture for your modern lifestyle, take a look at what we have to offer. Tell us what inspires you and how we can help you create the perfect space!


PoohLA Furniture